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Open Studio, Toronto

October 21, 2016 – November 19, 2016

With Inbetweeening, Blanchard is further exploring intersections between printmaking and animation. Rectangular frame, repetition, layering and image registration provide a common vocabulary between printmaking and animation, a base to elaborate upon and to challenge. In a departure from his light-based installation work, Blanchard works from a series of screenprinted collage materials created from hand painted originals. Blanchard then treats these as modular compositional elements in mural works that evolve and coalesce over time in a form of improvised animation. Throughout the project, process and result, intentionality and indeterminacy, permanence and ephemerality alternate as guiding principles to ultimately result in a layered piece that challenges these binaries. The exhibition consists in a final collaged installation juxtaposed with stop-motion iterations of the elements being reorganized over time.

The artist would like to thank Open Studio and the Ontario Arts Council for supporting this project.

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